3rd IFAC Workshop on Fractional Differentiation and its Applications, Ankara, Turkey, 05 - 07 November, 2008
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Final Workshop Program


3rd IFAC Workshop on Fractional Differentiation and its Applications, Ankara, Turkey, 05 - 07 November, 2008

Tuesday 4th , 2008
17:00 - 22:00   Registration- Eyuboglu Hotel, Metropol Hotel, Segmen Hotel
20:00 - 22:00   Welcome Party, Cankaya University

Wednesday 5th, 2008 - Welcome Address
Conference Hall


Introduction to FDA08 - D. Baleanu-National Organizer of FDA08


J.A. Tenreiro Machado-Chairman of FDA08


Prof. Dr. Ziya B. Guvenç- Rector of Cankaya University

Sıtkı Alp - President of the Board of Trustees-Cankaya University

Archbishop Antonio Lucibello -The Vatican Ambassador to Turkey


FDA08  Awards Ceremony

 10:00-10:15    Coffee  Break
Conference Hall


Plenary Lecture I - Conference Hall
Dielectric Relaxation Based on the Fractional Kinetics:  Theory and its Experimental Confirmation
R. R. Nigmatullin
Chair: M. Caputo


Plenary Lecture II- Conference Hall
Fractional Order Signal Processing: Techniques, Applications and Urgency

 Y.Q. Chen
Chair: B. Vinagre


Coffee Break and Registration


Plenary Lecture III- Conference Hall
  Fractional Variational Principles and their Applications
D. Baleanu
Chair: R. R. Nigmatullin


Mathematical Tools 1 -
Conferance Hall

Contribution of Non Integer Integro Differentiation
to the foundation of Riemann Conjecture (III)

Invited Lecturer: A. Le Méhauté

Chair: V. Kiryakova


 Session -Blue Hall


Euler-Lagrange Equations for a New Class of Fractional Variational Problems

Invited Lecturer:
O. P. Agrawal

Chair: M. Klimek




13:20-14:40 Lunch


Control 1
Conference Hall


Mathematical Tools 1
Blue Hall

Modeling 1
Anfi 1

Diffusion 1
Anfi 2

CRONE Applications
Anfi 3


Coffee Break




Control 2
Conference Hall

Mathematical Tools 2
Blue Hall

Modeling 2
Anfi 1

Diffusion 2
Anfi 2

Numerical Methods 1
Anfi 3

18:10-20:00   Dinner

 20:00-20:30 Turkish Art Music Concert - Conference Hall
20:45-21:30 Round Table: Unsolved research problems in FC- Conference Hall

Thursday 6th,2008 
Conference Hall


Plenary Lecture IV- Conference Hall

Looking at Fractional Order Control in Perspective
B. Vinagre
Chair: O. P. Agrawal


Plenary Lecture V- Conference Hall
On the Application of Fractional Calculus in Finance and Economics

E. Scalas
Chair: F. Mainardi


Coffee Break


Plenary Lecture VI- Conference Hall

Fractional Calculus in Bioengineering: a Tool to Model Complex Dynamics in Multiscale Structures
R. Magin 

Chair: D. Baleanu





 Plenary Lecture VII- Conference Hall
On Best Fractional Derivative to Be Applied in Fractional Modelling: The Fractional Fourier Transform

 J. J. Trujillo

Chair: Y. Luchko


Conference Hall

Fractional Calculus in Wave Propagation Problems


Invited Lecture:
F. Mainardi

Chair: E. Scalas

Blue Hall

Synchronization and Phase Synchronization of Fractional Differential Chaotic Systems

Invited Lecture:  S.Momani

Chair: R. El-Khazali

Session - Anfi 1


Fractal derivative multi-
scale model of fluid particle transverse accelerations in fully developed turbulence

Invited Lecturer: W. Chen

Chair: Y.Q.Chen

12:30-13:10  FDA08  Awards Ceremony -
Conference Hall

13:10-14:45 Lunch


Control 3
Conference Hall

Mathematical Tools 3
Blue Hall

Modeling 3
Anfi 1

Fractional Order Modelling and Control in Biomedical Engineering
Anfi 2

Numerical Methods 2


Coffee Break


Control 4
Conference Hall


Mathematical Tools 4
Blue Hall

Modeling 4
Anfi 1

Singularities Analysis and Integral Representations 1
Anfi 2

Numerical Methods 3


Coffee Break


Control 5
Conference Hall

Mathematical Tools 5
Blue Hall

Modeling 5
Anfi 1

Singularities Analysis and Integral Representations 2
Anfi 2

Diffusion 3

Anfi 3


20:00- 20:15 Whirling Dervishes Ceremony
 20:20-22:30 Banquet



Friday 7th,2008


Plenary Lecture VIII - Conference Hall

On Stability of Fractional Order Systems
J. Sabatier

Chair: P. Melchior


 Blue Hall

Fractional-Order Double Delay Tanlock Loops

Invited Lecture: R.El-Khazali

Chairman: M. Bettayeb

Conference Hall

Special Functions of Fractional Calculus: Recent List, Results, Applications

Invited Lecture:
V. Kiryakova

Chair: J. J. Trujillo



Coffee Break



Control 6
Anphi 2

 Modeling 8
Library Hall

Fractional Variational Principles 1
Blue Hall

6 Anfi 1

Tools 6

Anfi 3


Coffee Break


Conference Hall

Fractional Variational Principles 2
Blue Hall

Modeling 7
Anfi 2

Mathematical Tools 7
Anfi 3

Control 7
Anfi 1

Modeling 8
Library Hall

Fractional Wavelet Applications to Drug Analysis
Anfi 4


13:15-14:45 Lunch

15:15-16:45 Atatürk's Mausoleum visit

17:30-19:00 Anatolian Civilization Museum visit

19:30-20:00  Closure of the Workshop

20:00-22:00 Dinner


Control 1

Chair: S.E. Hamamci, Co-chair: M.K. Bouafoura

1) Mohamed Karim Bouafoura, Naceur Benhadj Braiek         
Siso Fractional Feedback Solutions With Piecewise Orthogonal Functions
2) Badreddine Boudjehem, Djalil Boudjehem, Hicham Tebbikh         
Simple Analytical Design  Method for Fractional-Order Controller
3) Dorota Mozyrska, Zbigniew Bartosiewicz       
Observability Concepts for Nonlinear Discrete-Time Fractional Order Control Systems
4) Serdar Ethem Hamamci, Muhammet Koksal
Stabilization of Integrating Time Delay Systems by Fractional-Order Pd Controllers

Control 2

Chair: J. Klamka, Co-chair:O.P. Agrawal

1) Jerzy Klamka      
Controllability and Minimum Energy Control Problem of Fractional Discrete-Time Systems
2) Ozlem Defterli     
Two Dimensional Fractional Optimal Control Problem Using a Direct Numerical Scheme
3) Necati  Ozdemir , Om Prakash Agrawal , Derya Karadeniz, Beyza Billur İskender       
Axis-Symmetric Fractional Diffusion-Wave Problem: Part Ii-Fractional Optimal Control

Control 3

Chair: H. Delavari, Co-chair: A. Ranjbar

1) M. Shahiri T., A. Ranjbar N., R. Ghaderi, S. H. Hosseinnia, S. Momani
Control and Synchronization of Chaotic Fractional-Order Coullet System Via Active Controller
2) S.H. Hosseinnia, R. Ghaderi,  A. Ranjbar N., M. Mahmoudian, S. Momani          
Synchronization of Uncertain Fractional-Order  Duffing-Holmes Chaotic System  Via Sliding Mode Control
3) S.H. Hosseinnia, R. Ghaderi, A. Ranjbar N., J. Sadati, S. Momani 
Synchronization of Fractional Chaotic Systems Via Fractional-Order Adaptive Controller
4) H. Delavari, A. Ranjbar N., R. Ghaderi, E. Salehi     
Robust Fractional Sliding Mode Control for a Coupled Tank

Control 4

Chair: Y.Q.Chen, Co-chair: P. Melchior

1) Yan Li, YangQuan Chen,  Yongcan Cao        
Fractional Order Universal Adaptive Stabilization
2) Christophe Tricaud,YangQuan Chen  
Solving Fractional Order Optimal Control Problems In Riots 95 - A General-Purpose Optimal Control Problems Solver
3) Ying Luo , YangQuan Chen,  Hyo-Sung Ahn
Fractional Order Adaptive Compensation For Cogging Effect In Pmsm Position Servo Systems
4) Varsha Bhambhani, Yiding Han , Shayokmukhopadhyay ,Ying Luo, YangQuan Chen
Random Delay Effect Minimization on A Hardware-In-The-Loop Networked Control System Using Optimal Fractional Order Pi Controllers

Control 5
Chair: V. Feliu, Co-chair: J.A. Tenreiro Machado

1)  Fernando J. Castillo, V. Feliu, R. Rivas, L. Sánchez 
On The Relationship Between Frequency and Time-Domain Specifications in a Class of Fractional Pi Controllers
2) Stéphane Victor, Pierre Melchior, Dominique Nelson-Gruel and Alain Oustaloup          
Flatness Control for Linear Fractional MIMO Systems: thermal application
3)  Ramiro S. Barbosa, J. A. Tenreiro Machado, Isabel S. Jesus          
Fractional Pid Control of an Experimental Servo System
4)  Ning Chen, Yandong Chen, Nan Chen          
Fractional Robust Control Strategy for Four-Wheel-Steering Vehicle

5)  Isabel S. Jesus , J. A. Tenreiro Machado,Ramiro S. Barbosa          
Fractional Order Nonlinear Control of Heat System

Control 6

Chair: M.O. Efe, Co-chair: M. Romero

1) Mehmet Onder Efe         
A Fractional Order Adaptation Method for Adaptive Sliding Mode Control
2)Mehmet Onder Efe          
Fractional Variable Structure Control of Fractional State Space Systems
3) M. Romero, I. Tejado, B. M. Vinagre, A. P. De Madrid          
Fractional-Order Generalized Predictive Control of a Servomotor Plant
4) Miguel Romero, Ángel P. De Madrid,.Carolina Mañoso, Roberto Hernández      
Fractional-Order Generalized Predictive Control

Control 7
Chair: E. Salehi Co-chair: R. Ghaderi

1) H. Delavari, A. Ranjbar N., R. Ghaderi, S. Momani         
Fractional Sliding Mode Control for Synchronization of Chaotic Systems
2)S.H. Hosseinnia, R. Ghadrei, A. Ranjbar N., J. Sadati, S. Momani          
Designation of an adaptive PID controller to synchronize fractional Corder hard spring Phi^6-Van der Pol oscillator
3) S.H. Hosseinnia, R. Ghaderi, A. Ranjbar N., F. Abdous, S. Momani          
Fractional Order Controller in Combination with state feedback controller to stabilize chaotic systems
4) R. Caponetto, G. Dongola and L. Fortuna          
A New Procedure for the Synthesis of PI^ëD^µ Controller

CRONE Applications
Chair: J. Sabatier, Co-chair:P. Lanusse

1) Mathieu Moze, Jocelyn Sabatier, Alain Oustaloup
Crone Control of LPV Systems:Application to Air-Fuel Ratio Control of an Internal Combustion Engine
Jocelyn Sabatier, Mikaël Cugnet, Stéphane Laruelle, Sylvie Grugeon,Bernard Sahut, Alain Oustaloup, Jean-Marie Tarascon
Estimation of the Lead-Acid Battery Crankıng Capability by Fractional Model Identifıcation
Rim Jallouli-Khlif , Pierre Melchior, Franncois Levron,Nabil Derbel, Alain Oustaloup
Impulse Response of Third Generation Crone Control

4) D. Nelson Gruel, P. Lanusse and A. Oustaloup
Decentralized CRONE control of mxn multivariable system with time-delay

Fractional Order Modelling and Control in Biomedical Engineering
Chair: R. Magin, Co-Chair: C. Ionescu

1) Clara Ionescu, Mirabela Tun, Robin De Keyser,  Corneliu Lazar
A Frequency Response Tool for Cacsd in Matlab® With Generalized Order Transfer Functions
N. M. Grahovac, M. M. Zigic
Fractional Derivative Viscoelastic Model Of The Hamstring Muscle Group
) Faik C. Meral, Thomas J., Royston,Richard Magın
Fractional Order Dynamıc Material Models for Viscoelastic Media


 Fractional Wavelet Applications to Drug Analysis

Chair: E. Dinç, Co-Chair: Y. Kadioğlu

1) Murat Kanbur, Ibrahim Narin, Esra Özdemir, Erdal Dinç, Dumitru Baleanu
Fractional Wavelet Transformation of Spectral Data Vectors for the Quantitative Resolution of Two-Component Mixture
2) Erdal Dinç, Dumitru Baleanu
Fractional Wavelet-Continuous Wavelet Transforms for The Quantitative Spectral Resolution of  the Composite Signals of Compounds in a Complex Mixture
3) Fatma Demirkaya, Yücel Kadioğlu, Ekrem Kadioğlu, Erdal Dinç, Dumitru Baleanu
New Approach for Simultaneous Spectra Determination of Trimethoprim And Sulphamethoxazole in a Complex  Pharmaceutical Mixture Using the Fractional Wavelet Transform with Chemometric Calibrations

Fractional Variational Principles  1
Chair: D. Baleanu
Co-Chair: P. Inizan

1) Jacky Cresson
Fractional Embedding of Continuous Lagrangians Systems and Partial Differential Equations

2) Dumitru Baleanu , Juan J. Trujillo
Fractional Euler-Lagrange and Hamilton Equations Within Caputo Fractional Derivatives:a New Perspective

3) Eqab M. Rabei, Sami I. Muslih,  Dumitru Baleanu
Fractional WKB Approximation within Caputo's Derivative

Fractional Variational Principles  2
Chair: E. M. Rabei
Co-Chair: A. K. Golmankhaneh

1) Alireza Khalili Golmankhaneh
Relativistic Scalar Fields Involving Caputo Fractional Derivatives
2) J. Cresson, P. Inizan
 Fractional Embeddings and Stochastic Time
3) M. Klimek
 On $\alpha$-exponential Functions for Anti-symmetric Fractional Derivative in Finite Time Interval


Numerical Methods 1
Chair: C. Li,Co-Chair: A. Ranjbar

1) Farshad Merrikh-Bayat, Masoud Karimi-Ghartemani
A Numerical Method for Solving High-Dimensional Fractional-Order Equations
2) Yunying Zheng , Changpin Li
Finite Element Method for the Space-Fractional Partial Differential Equation
3) E. Naseri, R. Ghaderi, A. Ranjbar, N. M. Mahmoudian, S.H. Hosseinnia, S. Momani
Application of Enhanced Homotopy Perturbation Method For Solving Linear Fractional Differential Equations
4) Piotr Ostalczyk
Grünwald-Letnikov Backward Difference Equivalent Form


Numerical Methods 2
Chair: Q. Yang,Co-Chair:  I. Podlubny

1) Q. Yang, F. Liu, I. Turner
Numerical Solution Techniques for Time and Space-Fractional Fokker-Planck Equations
2) Joaquin Quintana Murillo , Santos Bravo Yuste
Accuracy and Stability of Some Explicit Difference Schemes for Fractional Diffusion
and Fractional Diffusion-Wave Equations
3) I. Podlubny
Matrix Approach to Discrete Fractional Calculus



Numerical Methods 3
Chair: H. Delavari,Co-Chair: P. Ostalczyk

1)   Farhad Farokhi. Mohammad Haeri. Mohammad Saleh Tavazoei
On Comparison of Numerical Methods to Solve Nonlinear Fractional Order Differential Equations
2) Feng Xie , Xueyuan Lin
Asymptotic Solutions to Van Der Pol Oscillators with Small Fractional Damping

3) Piotr Ostalczyk,
 Some Remarks on a Fractional Backward Difference Evaluation



Chair: N. Shimizu, Co-Chair : B. N. Narahari Achar 

1) B. N. Narahari Achar, John W. Hanneken
Lattice Dynamical Foundation for the Fractional Calculus Approach to Viscoelasticity
2) Yuriy A. Rossikhin , Marina V. Shitikova ,Tatiana A. Shcheglova
Generalized Rabotnov-Koeller's Model in the Analysis of Free Vibrations of a Viscoelastic Oscillator
3) Masataka. Fukunaga,  Nobuyuki Shimizu, Hiroshi Nasuno
Impulse Responses of Nonlinear Fractional Derivative Model

Singularities Analysis and Integral Representations 1
Special session proposed by D. Matignon and Thomas Helie
Chair:D. Matignon, Co-Chair : R. Mignot

1). Juliette Leblond
Inverse sources  problems and recovery of fractional power singularities by best meromorphic approximation
2). Remi Mignot
On the appearance of branch cuts for fractional systems as a mathematical limiting process based on physical grounds
3). Jing-Rebecca Li
On the fast evaluation of fractional integrals

Singularities Analysis and Integral Representations 2
Special session proposed by D. Matignon and T. Helie

Chair:J. R. Li, Co-Chair : J. Diaz

1). Denis Matignon
A Newmark-diffusive scheme for fractionally damped mechanical systems
2). Julien Diaz
Application of the Cagniard de Hoop method to the analysis of  Perfectly Matched Layers
3) . Denis Matignon
Systems theory for fractional Laplacian:non-causal diffusive representations and numerical issues



Diffusion 1
Chair: V. Varlamov, Co-chair: M. Bettayeb

1) Wen Chen,Hongguang Sun, Xiaodi Zhang, Linjuan Ye
Fractal Derivative Modelling of Anomalous Diffusion
2) Tounsia Djamah, Said Djennoune, Maamar Bettayeb
Low Complexity Fractional Model Identification of Diffusion Processes in Cylindrical Geometry
3) Vladimir Varlamov         
Fractional Derivatives of the Product of Korteweg-De Vries Evolution Groups
4) El-Sayed A.M.A, S. H. Behiryb,W.E. Raslan
Fractional Calculus Modeling of the Intermediate between Advection and Dispersion

Diffusion 2
Chair: T.Kosztolowicz, Co-chair: W.E. Raslan

1)El-Sayed A.M.Aa , S. H. Behiryb, W.E. Raslan          
Solution of an Intermediate Fractional Advection Dispersion Process Using Adomian's Decomposition Method
2) Yury Luchko
Initial-Boundary-Value Problems for the Generalized Time-Fractional Diffusion Equation
3) Tadeusz Kosztolowicz ,Katarzyna D. Lewandowska
Applications of Differential Equations with Fractional Derivatives to Describe Subdiffusion
4) B. Datsko, V. Gafiychuk
Stability Analysis and Selforganization Phenomena in Fractional Reaction-Diffusion Systems with Time Derivatives of Different Order

Diffusion 3
Chair: B. Datsko, Co-chair:D.Zorica

1) T. M. Atanackovic, S. Pilipovic, D. Zorica
Time Distributed Order Diffusion Equation
2) Jean-Denis Gabano, Thierry Poinot, Jean-Claude Trigeassou, Amel Benchellal
Fractional Modeling Of Diffusive Interfaces. Application to Thermal Characteristics Identification
3) Mirjana Stojanovic
Diffusion-Wave Phenomena over the Quarter Plane



Mathematical Tools

Mathematical Tools 1
Chair: O. Chis, Co-chair: M. El-Shahed

1) Arkadii A. Chikrii ,Ivan I. Matychyn
Cauchy Formula and Game Problems for Linear Systems of Fractional Order
2) Oana Chis,  Ioan Despi, Dumitru Opris           
Maxwell-Bloch and Rabinovich Fractional Differential Equations on Algebroids
3) Moustafa El-Shahed
Positive Solutions for a Boundary Value Problem of Fractional Order
4) M. Zolfaghari, R. Ghaderi, A. Ranjbar N., S.H. Hosseinnia, S, Momani
Solution of Fractional Order Bagley-Torvik ,Differential Equation Using Enhanced
Homotopy Perturbation Method

Mathematical Tools 2
Chair: M. Ortigueira , Co-chair: J. Sabatier

1) Jay L. Adams ,Tom T. Hartley,Obert Veillette
Estimation of the Hankel Norm for Fractional-Order Systems
2) Jocelyn Sabatier, Mathieu Merveillaut, Rachid Malti, Alain Oustaloup
On a Representation of Fractional Order Systems:  Interests for The Initial Condition Problem
3) Manuel D. Ortigueira,Fernando J. Coito
Initial Conditions: What Are We Talking About?
4)Manuel D. Ortigueira      
A Fractional Quantum Derivative
5)R.R. Nigmatullin, T. Omay, D. Baleanu      
Fractional Filterig Versus Conventional Fltering in economics:An Application and Comparison


Mathematical Tools 3
  Chair: J.J. Trujillo  , Co-chair: O. G. Mustafa

1) Carl F. Lorenzo, Tom T. Hartley, Jay L. Adams
 Inverted Initialization of Fractional Order Derivatives
2) Dumitru Baleanu, Octavian G. Mustafa
A Note on Global Existence of Solutions to Fractional Differential Equations
3)K. C. Basak, P.C.Ray,  R.K. Bera
 Solution of Non-Linear Fractional Ordinary Differential Equation by Adomian Decomposition and He's Variational Methods
4) Anatoly A. Kilbas , Luis Rodriguez Germa,Megumi Saigo,R.K. Saxena ,Juan J. Trujillo
Asymptotic Behavior of the Extend Kräatzel Function

Mathematical Tools 4
Chair: R. Leandre, Co-chair: W. Kosinski

1) Varsha Daftardar-Gejji, Sachin Bhalekar
Fractional Boundary Value Problems Using a New Iterative Method
2) Witold Kosinski   
On Fuzzy Fractional Derivatives
3) V. Uchaikin, R. Sibatov, D. Uchaikin
About Memory Regeneration Phenomenon in Solution of Fractional Differential Equation
4) Yan Li , YangQuan Chen , Igor Podlubny,Yongcan Cao
Mittag-Leffler Stability of Fractional Order Nonlinear Dynamic Systems


Mathematical Tools 5
Chair: T. Kaczorek  , Co-chair: J. L. Adams

1) Margarita Rivero , Luis Rodriguez-Germa, Juan J. Trujillo, M. Pilar Velasco
Extending the Integral Representation of Special Functions in the Fractional Calculus Framework
2) R. K. Gazizov, A. A. Kasatkin, S. Yu. Lukashchuk
Symmetries and Group-Invariant Solutions of Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations
3) Tadeusz Kaczorek
Positive 2d Fractional Linear Systems and Their Reachability
4) John W. Hanneken, B. N. Narahari Achar, Raymond Puzio, David M. Vaught
Mittag-Leffler function: Analytic continuation and properties for negative alpha


Mathematical Tools 6
Chair: I.Podlubny , Co-chair: V.Kiriakova

1) Nataraj Satya
Computation of Spectral Sets for Uncertain Linear Fractional-order Systems using Interval Constraint Propagation
2) Nataraj Satya
Computation of Limit Cycles for Uncertain Nonlinear Fractional-order Systems using Interval Constraint Propagation


Mathematical Tools 7
Chair: V. Daftardar-Gejji, Co-chair: V. Uchaikin

1) Remi Leandre
Ito-Stratonovitch Formula for the Schroedinger Equation Associated to a Four Order Operator on a Torus
2) Kuldeep Singh Gehlot, Dinesh N. Vyas
Generalized Hankel Transform and Fractional Integrals on the Spaces of Generalized Functions
3) Sadegh Bolouki, Mohammad Haeri, Mohammad Saleh Tavazoei, Milad Siami
Upper and Lower Bounds for Maximum Number of Frequencies Exist in
Oscillations Generated by Linear Fractional Order Systems
4) Said Guermah Said Djennoune Maamar Bettayeb
Asymptotic Stability and Practical Stability of Linear Discrete-Time Fractional-Order Systems


Modeling 1
Chair: P. Lanusse , Co-chair:B. Vinagre

1)Andrzej Dzielinski , Dominik Sierociuk
Use of Fractional Order Calculus to Modelling of Beam Heating Process
2) José Ignacio Suárez , Blas M. Vinagre
Fractional Longitudinal Dynamic Model of an Autonomous Scaled-Vehicle
3) Duarte Valerio,  Jose Sa Da Costa
Identifying Fractional Models from Frequency and Time Responses
4) Rachid Malti, Xavier Moreau, Firas Khemane           
Resonance of Fractional Transfer Functions of the Second Kind

Modeling 2

Chair: V. Feliu , Co-chair:G. Dongola

1) Nicolas Bertrand, Jocelyn Sabatier, Olivier Briat, Jean-Michel Vinassa
An Ultracapacitor Non-Linear Fractional Model
2) Yang Wang, Tom T. Hartley, Carl F. Lorenzo, Jay L. Adams, Joan E. Carletta,  Robert J. Veillette
A Fractional-Order Model for Ultracapacitor Long-Term Behavior
3) A. Parreno,P. Roncero-Sanchez, V. Feliu, F. Castillo
Fractional Dynamics Analysis of an Ultracapacitor Based Buck-Boost Power Electronic Converter
4) R. Caponetto, G. Dongola, L. Fortuna
Switched Capacitors Implementation of Fractional Differintegral Operator

Modeling 3

Chair: K.R.Hedrih , Co-chair: J. Sabatier

1)Micael S. Couceiro, Carlos M. Figueiredo, N. M. Fonseca Ferreira,J. A. Tenreiro Machado
 Simulation of a Robotic Bird
2) Jocelyn Sabatier, Mathieu Merveillaut, Alain Oustaloup,Cyril Gruau,  Hervé Trumel
Fractional Integration for Energetic Material Ignition Prediction
3) Katica R. (Stevanovic) Hedrih
Modes of Three Pendulum Fractional Order System Vibrations
4) R. Mansouri , M. Bettayeb, S. Djennoune
State Space Fractional Model:
Approximation Using Integral Representation


Modeling 4
Chair: R. Caponetto, Co-Chair:Firas Khemane

1) Alberto Carpinteri,  Pietro Cornetti,  Alberto Sapora           
Fractional Calculus in Continuum Mechanics: Local Vs. Non-Local Approach
2) Rachid Malti, Tarek Raïssi, Magali Thomassin, Firas Khemane
Parameter Estimation of Fractional Models
3) R. Caponetto, G. Dongola, L. Fortuna, S. Graziani, And S. Strazzeri
Fractional Models for the Electrical and Electromechanical Stages of Ipmc Actuators
4) Yuriy Povstenko  
Space-Time-Fractional Heat Conduction Equation and the Theory of Thermoelasticity


Modeling 5
Chair: O.P. Agrawal  , Co-chair:P. Miskins

1) Nusret Tan, M. Mine Özyetkin
Computation of Nyquist Envelope of Fractional Order Interval Transfer Functions
2) Om P. Agrawal
A Modifed Memory Free Formulation and Its Graphical Implementation for Fdes
3) Paulius Miskinis
On Theoretical Interpretation of the Havriliak-Negami Susceptibility
4) Nico Temme, V.Varlamov
Asymptotic expansions for fractional derivatives of Airy functions and their products

Modeling 6
Chair: A.A. Potapov, Co-Chair: A. Algin

1) Abdullah Algin
High-Temperature Thermostatistics of the Commuting Fibonacci Oscillators
2) A.A.Potapov
Fractional Operators and Fractals for Non-Linear Radio Physics Problems
3)Ahmet Serbes, Lutfiye Durak, Sultan Aldirmaz
Method of Alternating Projections for Signal and Image Recovery in  Fractional Fourier Domains
4)  Abdelouahab Kadem, Dumitru Baleanu
Chebyshev Spectral Method for the Fractional Radiative Transfer Equation

Modeling 7
Chair: O.P.Agrawal, Co-Chair: E. Scalas

1) Manoj Sharma
Fractional Integration and Fractional Differentiation of The M-Series
2) Enrico Scalas, Guido Germano, Mauro Politi, and Ren´e L. Schilling
Stochastic integrals on uncoupled continuous-time random walks

3) Xavier MOREAU, Pascal SERRIER, Rachid MALTI and Firas KHEMANE
Analysis Of a Fractional System Composed Of an I-Element and a Fractance

Modeling 8
Chair: A. Karczewska, Co-Chair: V. Çelik

1) Anna Karczewska, Carlos Lizama
On stochastic fractional relaxation equations in Hilbert space
2) Vedat ÇELİK, Yakup DEMİR
Chaos In The Fractional Order Deleyed Cellular Neural Network

3) Ali Konuralp, Çiğdem Konuralp, Ahmet Yıldırım
The Approximate Solution of Van Der Pol Equation with Fractional Damping

4) Fernando Antoneli, Ana Paula S. Dias, Carla M.A. Pinto
New Phenomena in Coupled Rings of Cells