3rd IFAC Workshop on Fractional Differentiation and its Applications, Ankara, Turkey, 05 - 07 November, 2008
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  • During the workshop the participants will be able to have some free time for sightseeing, shopping and visiting. The International Workshop will also give the participants an opportunity to visit historical places of Turkey like Cappadocia, Gordion, Beypazari, Ephesus and Istanbul.


  • 150 papers were received until May 15, 2008.  


In accordance with the relevant articles of Law No. 2547, the Higher Education Law, as well as with the Directives for Academic Promotion and Appointment Criteria of our University, Research-teaching staff will be recruited on a full-time basis for the positions at different levels based on the experience and qualifications.


Since the teaching medium at our University is English, applicants are required to know English well enough to teach, do research, and have students conduct research.

Candidates who have not received at least one of their undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D degrees from a university whose  teaching medium is English, will enclose with the petition indicating the department they are applying to, a copy of one of the documents which certify that their English level meets the requirements of the positions they are applying for. The minimum scores for English proficiency level should be as follows: TOEFL (213) or equivalent score.


Applicants who apply for Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor positions are required to submit to The Directorate of Human Resources their CVs, list of publications, certified copies of their degrees (Undergraduate, Graduate, Ph.D and related Professorship documents) as well as their scientific research proposal. All these  documents should be put in a file and enclosed with the petition to be handed into the Directorate. Candidates will cite their major research work in their petitions and files.  The candidates are expected to conduct joint research and collaborate with the existing staff members.


After the evaluation of applications for Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor positions by "The Board of Preliminary Evaluation of Applications for Academic Promotions and Appointments", short-listed candidates for professor positions who meet the criteria for recruitment are required to submit 5 (five) more files of their publications, while Associate Professor and Assistant Professors must hand in 3 (three) more files to The Directorate of Human Resources within a few weeks of being notified that they have been short-listed.


Applicants who will apply for teaching staff positions are required to possess Ph.D degree in the department (field of study) concerned.


Applicants for teaching staff positions will also make their applications to The Directorate of Human Resources.


The application period is open until positions are filled.







A) Faculty of Arts and SciencesMathematics and Computer Sciences


B) Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
a. Department of Economics (Microeconomics)
* Theory of Economics
b. Department of Management

* Accounting, Financing

c. Department of International Trade

* International Trade

d. Department of Political Sciences and International Relations
* International Relations

* Political Life and Organisations

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

a. Department of Computer Engineering
Computer-IT Systems and Engineering (902)

* Object-Based Programming

* Computer Structures

* Object-Based Programming

* Computer Structures

* Computer Structures

* Operating Systems

* Data Management

* Object-Oriented System development

*Network Design and Network Programming

* Parallel Computing

* Artificial Intelligence (Robotic Systems)

* Computer Graphics

b. Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering
Electric-Electronic Engineering (905)

* Communication

* Digital Signal Processing

* Optics, Photonics

* Microwave Technique and Antennas

c. Department of Industrial EngineeringIndustrial Engineering (906)

 * Operations Research

* Production and Service Systems

* Decision Support Systems

* Mathematical Analysis

* Statistical Analysis

d. Department of Interior Architecture
* 801 Planning

* 802 Design

* 804 Technology

Vocational School
* Management/Organisation

* International Economics and Development Economics

English Preparatory School


F) Office of Basic and Elective Courses



Salaries (for all the positions) will be based on the experience and qualifications.

In addition;


Our university provides free lunch for the entire year.

For each of the SCI-SSCI related publications a reward is given in the range of 2500 YTL / N - 3250 YTL / N where N is the number of authors.

This range is related to the impact factors of the journals (1YTL = 1.2 USD). Good support is given for the conferences and the registration fee is fully covered.



 Ziya B. Guvenc


 Cankaya University


 TR-06530 Balgat Ankara, Turkey


 E-mail :  guvenc@cankaya.edu.tr

 Tel: +90 (312) 284 4500 /130

 Tel: +90 (312) 284 2928